Since 2015 I've been working as an independent filmmaker and video editor in Paris, developing my activities around a various amount of shootings, sometimes at opposite ends of each other.

In the beginning I specialized in filming live concerts for bands like Shaka Ponk, Vianney and ALB. I then widened my area of expertise by becoming a production director for video production companies such as Very Content. That's when I turned myself towards a different aspect of the audiovisual world, from advertising to tutorials and even corporate films.

Nine years later I'm still as passionate about my job, impatient to put my skills, knowledge and experience in each new encounter and project.



Advice & support

From the concept until the final render, I bring you my expertise, guide you in your project and adapt to your needs and budget.

Scenario & direction

Synopsis, storyboard, scenario, I assist you in their conception and making, down to the finest detail so that the project is clearly defined before shooting. 

Shooting & pictures

Using top of the line material and technical skills, I carry out your audiovisual project in its integrity. 

Aerial shots

As a certified drone pilot I also take aerial shots. It's a real plus today if you want to upgrade the final render of your photos and videos.

Music & sound design

Music and sound design allow to enrich your film and easily communicate your message to your audience.

Editing & post-production

I take special care in the editing and post production of your video, to highlight your images and ideas. Effects and inlays are possible if needed.